Friday, July 29, 2016

Apple 5 Year Daily Technical Chart

50 Day vs. 200 Day Death Cross in Aug-2015. FY Q3 2016 Results Better Than Bad, Encouraged Gains Back to Top of Negative Megaphone Pattern, Bouncing Off Oct-13 Peak At iPhone 5 Launch, 3.75 Years Ago. 2016 Potential Bright Spot Still The Patterned Run-Up In Months Proceeding New Integer iPhone Launches, Unless The High-End Smartphone S-Cycle Has Peaked. Fundamental Story Is Negative On Compare to iPhone 6/+. One-Year Consensus Analysts Estimate Has Dropped To $123.86, From $125.95 On April 29, 2016:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

US Government Spending In 2015 Grew By 3.6%, & Debt Grew By $327B to $18.15T

US Labor Department June Report

Post-Recession Unemployment has improved dramatically from a high of 10%, to the current 4.9%, with the US Economy adding 287K Jobs in June. Employment, as measured by Labor Participation, is down from a Recession high of 66.2%, to the current 62.7%, but suggests most of the improvement in Unemployment is the result of people leaving the Labor Force. Total Unemployment (blue line) at 9.6% lend support to the position of a weak job environment: